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Cultural consultation: There are numerous variations in the Spanish language as it is spoken throughout the world. Allied Enterprises has the sensitivity to cultural differences and makes the translation appropriate to the particular segment of the Spanish-speaking world you wish to reach.

Did you know that the word Mexicans use to describe icing on a cake or pastry is the same word Puerto Ricans use for shoe polish... or that a
word which is correct in one country may be an insult somewhere else?

Translation of technical, medical, legal, business and general subject matters.

Review or correction of translations made by others.

Editorial review of material that will be printed and distributed in U.S., Hispanic and worldwide markets.

Consultant to US translation agencies.

Interpretations - consecutive/simultaneous - for conferences, trials, negotiations, political debates, conventions, depositions, arbitrations, medical claims, insurance claims, etc.

Expert testimony in court regarding language matters and the accuracy of translations of recordings.

Narrations for promotional video tapes, radio commercials and slide presentations.

Narration director and diction coach for television commercial voice-overs, radio commercials and automated service messages.

Spanish and English classes.

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